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"TONES: Community-Inspired Fashion"

It all began with a shared desire within the vibrant community of Vizag. The inception of our YouTube channel was fueled by a collective passion for educating and inspiring people about lifestyle and fashion by Mr. Ganesh Bugatha.

From this communal spirit emerged "Tones," a distinctive merchandise line born out of The Fashion Verge community. Rooted in the ethos of celebrating diverse skin "tones" and body "tones," Tones has evolved into a brand that resonates with the collective identity of our community. It is a testament to our shared values and a reflection of the inclusivity that defines us.

Tones isn't just a brand; it's a representation of the rich tapestry of our community, a celebration of individuality, and a nod to the diverse beauty that exists in every shade and form. As we continue this journey, Tones stands as a symbol of unity, where fashion becomes a language that speaks to everyone, regardless of background or appearance.

Why Tones?

The quality of our fabric is in no way inadequate. The materials used are of finest standards, and we also back our products with exquisite tailoring. We practice stringent quality checks and produce our clothes, to fit and suit all body and skin types perfectly.